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Client examples are a breakdown of noted differences for policy coverage as well as their rates for clients that switched to me.

Lothair - Waukesha, WI

Lothair was insured with a local company. His spouse had a couple of fender benders a year ago and were paying for auto, home & umbrella - $2,400 annually. I switched him to a Safeco policy with the same coverage for $1,500! A TOTAL SAVINGS OF $900 every year!

New Client Eamples

Dave - Hartland, WI

Dave was insured through a local company. He has 3 kids with 5 cars and had home & umbrella coverage. With a $4,500 annual premium and liability on 2 of the cars, I was able to switch him over to Kemper Preferred Insurance and add full coverage to one of the vehicle. I was also able to increase the sewer back-up coverage to $10K. His new policy was only $3,800, saving him $700 annually + putting full coverage on his 4th car!

Jim G. - Waukesha, WI
Jim was insured with a local company, and had a $500 deductible on collision and $250 deductible on comprehensive. Jim also had only a $5,000 worth of sewer back-up coverage for his finished basement and was paying $2,050 annually. I found a great policy through Erie Insurance which up with a a diminishing deductible clause on this auto insurance, a $10K worth of sewer back-up coverage and is now only paying $1,350 annually. A TOTAL SAVINGS OF $700 every year!

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