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Auto insurance is one of the most important coverages to have and can be the ones that are not explained well at all.

Auto insurance liability – this means it will show examples of 100/300 limits or 250/500 limits (limits could be higher or Lower as shown on your current insurance declaration page. This means that if you are driving your car and you hit someone else in an at fault car accident and that other person sues you for their medical bills, pain & suffering as well as lost wages for missing work. You are limited to for my example $250,000 per person AND OR Max of $500,000 total per accident.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage – this will cover you that if you are in an accident and someone else hits you that doesn’t have insurance OR not enough coverage to cover your medical bills, loss of wages and Pain and suffering. That will cover you up to the first number in your coverage such as the example noted of $250,000 per person in car Or max of $500,000 per accident.

It is important to review what protections you want for you and your family members. Not having enough coverage to protect you could leave you with unpaid medical bills or not having coverage for your loss of wages or pain and suffering.

Other coverages that can be important to you that can add on to your Auto Insurance:

  • $0 deductible Glass coverage – You have a crack in the windshield and the windshield has to be replaced – you would pay NOTHING out of pocket
  • Car rental reimbursement – You have a covered claim and need another car to use to get around. The insurance company will pay for a rental car to use while your car is under repair for the claim (up to the car rental limits you pay for) Different limits to pay for different car you want.
  • Diminishing deductibles
  • Towing coverage
  • Auto rate lock in some instances/company offering
  • Car replacement coverage
  • GAP/Loan Lease coverage

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