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Building a proper home policy to protect your home can be very complicated and confusing. Just because your current Home insurance declaration page shows coverages does NOT mean you are covered for what you really need protection for.

First I would run a replacement estimator that we use to make sure we are insuring your home at today’s cost of rebuilding a home for materials and labor. Then we look at making sure we are writing your home with Replacement cost options. After that coverage for your personal belongings is automatically adjusted and home insurance liability to cover lawsuits brought against you if someone where to sue you if injured by you (on and off your property). This is where home insurance can be crucial in finding the hidden underlying coverages that could be extremely important to you and if you don’t have some of these coverages you may financially not recover or be able to fix the damages.

Key coverages to add to your home insurance:

Covers your basement and basement belongings in the event water backs up through the floor drain in your basement or sump pump or your sump pump burns out and water just gets into your basement through the sump pump crock. (there is always a limit on coverage so my examples would be if you have an unfinished basement you would want minimum $5,000 to cover clean up costs. If you have a finished basement with carpet, drywall and other upgrades you might want $20,000 or more depending on what your basement finishes are.

covers that lateral line that runs from your home to city sewer line – covers that lateral line if it needs to be replaced for most all reasons.

Allows you to pay for upgrades to your home if you only have partial damage to your siding or roof and it is not fully destroyed – the insurance company will pay for the undamaged portion of siding and or roof to be removed and replaced so everything matches.

All home policies will have limited coverage on jewelry – if you want to be safe and cover it for any reason with no deductible then scheduling individual jewelry items a must.

will pay to make sure that your home will be covered for today’s building code requirements  – with out this coverage you will have to pay out of pocket for building code requirements upgrades
Will pay for protection for essential home systems like AC, Furnace, sump pumps and more for loss due to mechanical or electrical failure
roofs can be paid cash value – meaning that I your roof is 20 years old they will only pay for about 1/3 of the cost of a new roof – replacement on roof means no matter the age the full roof is covered with no depreciation.
If your home is damaged by a sudden sinkhole you would have coverage
If your home was damaged by an earthquake or tremor/earth movement you would have coverage.

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